We have a couple of members who do not attend our regular group or classes but regularly participate in our exhibitions.

Historically the potters have participated in two exhibitions a year. As a member you will be eligible to take part in these. Members of all levels of abilities are very welcome to take part.

The first exhibition this year will be held on the 21st - 22nd July at the Glenbrook Hall. This is a full Members’ Exhibition and every member of the BMCAC is eligible to participate – this usually includes art, mosaics, felting and weaving and any craft work members do.

The second exhibition known as “Clay Creations” is exclusive to the potters and is to be held on the 21st - 22nd October this year.

The committee are discussing other ideas to open our doors for sale days at the Centre. Developments will be reported in “Creations”, the Centre’s monthly magazine that you will receive each month. It will keep you up to date with all our events.


We operate out of two buildings: the pottery yurt and a kiln room. We share the store room with the other BMCAC groups.

The pottery room has 7 wheels, a slab roller and an extruder for general  use.

IMPORTANT : Please read the instruction sheet above the slab roller before using it.

We have a number of moulds you can borrow. We also have a small library of books and magazines you can borrow from the room. There are also a number of pottery books in the main room library available to borrow on an honour system, just fill out the book’s card, place in the box in the cupboard and replace it in the book when it is returned to the shelf.

There are two cupboards in the pottery room. The cupboard on the right holds a number of tools that are for general use. Please clean and return after you have finished. The grey cupboard on the left holds equipment used for the children’s classes including glazes and underglazes. These are NOT for general use.

Over the years we have had a number of glaze ingredients donated to the Centre that are available for you to use to make test batches of glazes, the results to be shared with the rest of the group. If you wish to purchase a large amount of an ingredient we have available, you may purchase it for ½ the retail price. Speak to the facilitator if you wish to do this. There are a few buckets of made up donated glazes under the shelves. You may use any of these. Just be sure that you check whether they are for stoneware or earthenware.


Always clean your work area thoroughly after use. Pottery dust is dangerous to breathe in because it contains silica and causes silicoses so never dry sweep, always wet mop and use a damp cloth.

If you ever need to sand or grind back pieces, always wear a mask and move outside.


Keys to the rooms will not be given to each member. If you wish to use the facilities outside of class time, please speak to your pottery teacher or the Pottery Facilitator. We can make arrangements for you to use the Centre most times. 


You may have access to the kiln if you are regarded as an active member.

You are deemed to be an active member if:

you have paid a yearlymembership fee of $50+ the membership fee of $15 for pottery (used for kiln and equipment maintenance)


you are a student of a class or a member who attends a regular pottery group at the centre.


you participate regularly in the Centre’s exhibitions, for which the centre receives $20% commission.

To fire the kiln on your own, you must have received instructions from the Pottery Facilitator.

The kiln room contains two kilns. The smaller kiln belongs to the pottery group. The larger kiln belongs to Cody Pfitzner and is not for our use. Cody hires the yellow yurt and has a studio there. Ask to have a look some time.

There are two shelves in the kiln room for pots. When your pots are dry or glazed and you wish to have them fired, place them in the kiln room on the appropriate shelves. Read the signs carefully as mistakes will end in ruined pots.

Glazed ware will only be packed if the bottoms are clean and free of glaze, at least 4mm clear of base.

The group kiln firings will generally be packed on a Monday night whenever there is enough for a full load.





All firings must be booked in the KILN BOOK in the kiln room.

(Ring the Facilitator if you cannot gain access to make a booking and it will be entered for you.)

You cannot book consecutive firings.




Make your bookings at the beginning of the month.

One bisque, one glaze per member each month.

You may choose to share with other nominated members. However, the booker is responsible for the firing.

If there are vacancies after initial bookings, you may make further bookings for that month.

Make arrangements with the Pottery facilitator to gain access to the kiln room.

All glazed pots must be placed on setters.

You may need to make your own setters. They can be simply made from raku clay and made larger than the base of your pots. There are some in the kiln room for you to use, but we are very short of them.

Setters are discs of fired clay without glaze you put underneath the pot to protect the shelf from running glazes. You are responsible for your firing and if there is any damage to a shelf you are responsible for its repair or replacement - notify the facilitator immediately.

Children’s classes have priority towards the end of each term.

Exhibiting members have priority the two weeks before exhibitions.

All kiln use will be at the discretion of the Pottery Facilitator in consultation with the Monday group.


If you can’t  pop in on a Monday night to pay fees owed, place the money in the envelope provided in the back of the kiln book with your name, date and amount written on the front of the envelope. We will reuse it until we run out of space. Look for your receipt the next time you fire.


From time to time we may hold special events such as raku firings, pit firings and workshops. Also, a much loved activity is an exhibition crawl in the city. We often join the Nepean Potters for these events as we have several members in common.

If you have any questions or requests please contact Bronwyn, David or Ingrid. We hope you enjoy your time with us, make some firm friends and learn many new skills.