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October, 2014

President’s Report:

I have booked Glenbrook Hall for my 70th Birthday Painting Exhibition on Sat. 29th and Sun. 30thNovember, to which I invite you all. Thinking back over 55 years of painting, I realize that the old saying that “we have our feet in the mud and our head in the clouds” is very true. As a painter I deal with coloured mud almost daily and push towards those scudding clouds that are often so elusive. But what of the experiences on the ladder of intuition joining the two, where we unfold the flag of freedom and meet our crosses and joys? On this ladder we experience our oneness, as we are common in species, and it is made up of rungs of good advice from masters of Art and practical common sense as it pushes to complete our personalities in the sphere we call beauty, that will last , if we honour it and be genuine.
So come and see and judge whether I join the mud and the clouds - and enjoy a glass of wine with
Richard Cutler

Life Drawing Facilitator’s Report:
Our Annual Exhibition was a very successful event. The opening night speeches were very heartfelt and original - everyone’s attention was captured. After the speeches our model Sean played his guitar beautifully. We sold 5 works which is really good for life drawing works as they don’t sell well: proving the point that we certainly don’t do it for the money.

There were many comments about the standard of everyone’s work being so very MCAC Newsletter – October 2014 Page 2 much improved. We are all growing and learning to express our unique talent in a more mature and individual way. Congratulations and thank you all those who participated. It was a wonderful show and all who saw it gave encouraging feedback.Please feel you can join us one Friday just to try your hand at “Life Drawing”. It is 3 hours
now and still only $15. Give me a phone call if you want any more information 0247392413.


Potters Facilitator’s Report:
Blue Mountains Potters membership has now increased to seventeen, a big increase on last year’s number. Our recent workshop on “Funky Figures” was well attended by our
members and resulted in $210 being passed on to the BMCAC. We hope that these sculptures will all be ready for the annual “Clay Creations” exhibition on the 3rdweekend in November, coinciding with the Rotary Markets.
All BCAC members are invited to join the Blue Mountain Potters for the opening on Saturday 15thNovember at 10 am at the Glenbrook Community Hall.

The Blue Mountains Artist Network
The Blue Mountains Artist Network is an organisation that promotes artists that live in the mountains. Membership includes artists, potters, photographers, sculptors, and jewellery makers. An Arts Trail is held quarterly. The individual artists open their studios to visitors for the weekend. Exhibitions are also held at The Edge and the Grand View. See more details on: or

What does this mean for a BMCAC member?
Our Centre has paid a group membership to become the first group to join BMAN. However, if you wish to participate in the quarterly group exhibitions that are held in our main room at the centre
you must pay a further membership fee to BMAN of $60.00. If you wish to participate in the The Edge and Grand View exhibitions it is a further $30.00 for each exhibition. Work is submitted for selection and must be for sale. There is extensive advertising in the media and over the internet for these events. Our Centre collects 25% from our sales on the day.
The Centre has already participated in two trails to see how things would go. Although sales have not been huge, it is hoped this will build and it is wonderful advertising for our centre. We have
gained several new members as a result.
The next Trail will be held on 29th -30th November. With Christmas looming this should be very
successful. We would love you participate.

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Find out the latest news and keep in contact with other members. Search for:‘Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre Inc.’And, look up our website on

Come to our next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will be on Thursday 6 November at 7:30 pm. All members are encouraged to attend with all contributions always being welcome.

July 2014

President’s Report:

Let’s say a word about fashion that so shapes our lives. Fashion is for groups, Art is for persons. Groups tend towards the anonymous not the personal. Groups can be very good if they are right, but if they are wrong they can be very dangerous. Fashion today is very strong but we are formed from persons not romantic myths of mobs, so I have to put my face against fashion and be for the good of each person I meet.
The Art Centre here exhibits personal objects that ring true to other person’s fashion is really for those who wish to make money from groups, and so have some illusory power.

Your President,
Richard Cutler.

Arts Trail News

BMCAC participated for the first time in the BMAN Arts Trail on June 28 & 29. Our Centre was well attended with 80 people visiting the Centre over the weekend.Among the good news coming from the exhibition were numerous sales, possible new members and interest in classesshown by visitors, as well as an incredible gift to the potters (see potters report) building on this success was discussed.
BMCAC can look forward to building on this success to attract even more visitors and increase our profile on the local arts scene.

Potter’s Report:
Blue Mountains Potters gained an unexpected bonus from the BMAN’S arts trail. A local member of our community who is about to relocate to Canberra, an ex-potter, visited our Centre and subsequently gave us some glazes and a pottery wheel in almost brand new condition. We thank Les Martin for his very generous gift. The Monday night group is buzzing 10 regular members, plus Helen and Wendy who help where needed.


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