Creations - March, 2015

Dear Members, I am very happy to report we had a very suc- cessful AGM on Saturday with 11 members in attendance. Thank you so much Anne Attwood for presid- ing over the election of our officers. Two brand new committee members were elected: Susan Hussein; the new Grants Officer, she has a lot of experience with dealing with councils and grant application and M.A. Zahra-Newman; our new Librarian, who has extensive business ex- perience. The Committee’s 2 main commitments this year are to raise enough funds to repair the roof of the main building and to grow our mem- bership. In regards to these two aims: roof quotes are coming in and grants are being sought for the roof repair. The Committee is in the process of creating an advertising card that can be distrib- uted to tourist outlets and other venues pro- moting our centre and its activities. If you have any great photos of your work you would like to submit to be considered for inclusion on the card, please forward to me: Bronwyn Camp- bell, your “Creations” editor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Looking forward to a wonderful year of growth and creativity. Bronwyn

PRESIDENT’S REPORT What a year we have had, exhibitions- showing our works, children’s classes, adult classes, clean up days, the setting up of gardens and our monthly committee meetings with open discussion to the fore. 1) Public Exhibitions at Glenbrook Hall: This is the lynch pin of what we stand for after personal creation, getting it out into the public view. Our first exhibition was Our Member’s Exhibition where we all join in including the children. Then the Potters Exhibition with Mary Grieg’s fine painting and Alan Campbell’s photographs – this was opened by Councilor Von Schulenburg with Mark Green in attendance. Then our Life Drawing Exhibition in which the drawers themselves spoke about their approach to their art. Then I had my 70th Birthday Exhibition with 50 of my family around me, songs and wine flowing. I think this is a good idea to have a major exhibition near your birth day- Joy and I have booked the hall for the end of the year to celebrate it together for our birthdays. 2) Joy Myers Creed has been wonderful organizing the Life Drawing Group for more than 30 years and it is vibrant to say the least.10 am Friday we celebrate not only our bodies through drawing a model but stating our attitudes for life itself. 3) Our Pottery Centre is the hub in the Blue Mountains. I believe where one can centre oneself through clay and then put it to the fire to substantialize it - is a wonder! 4) Alison’s children’s classes have grown and grown by her presence and good sense and help from David’s Rotary Stall getting out there on enrolment days. We thank them both for their largess. David we all know keeps his keen eye on our treasury. This helps enormously to balance our budget. 5) We had 2 clean up days – one organizing the store room and the other forming flower beds and cleaning gutters in case of fire. Come and join us this year. We will have a Barbie. 6) I thank all the committee members for your marvelous contributions in keeping this institution being creative with open discussion to the fore as I said. 7) Anyone can come to the monthly committee meetings and put suggestions and be involved. Last meeting we decided to put out a pamphlet listing our classes and what we stand for to encourage students to come. This basic involvement in the hands on creative act of making is where we can find our personal freedom. It can help to define one’s humanity in a troubled world. Thank you for coming to our AGM. Richard Cutler


CLASS CO-ORDINATOR’S REPORT Generally there was a slow upward trend in classes through 2014. We held on to the children’s pottery classes and started a new adult pottery class. Although we offered children’s art classes the numbers did not materialize. This has markedly improved in term 1, 2015 as we now have two children’s art classes running, also, a teen’s pottery class, and the adult pottery class is also going strong. With the provision of the new website and the Facebook page, new students are finding us quite easily and this has also had an impact on class numbers. I want to take this opportunity to thank Alison, who teaches across the board, for her passion and flexibility. The children love her classes. Her posting of class work on Facebook has started to put BMCAC back on the map. Ingrid Russell

“CREATION” EDITOR’S REPORT (Extract) On behalf of the committee I would like to acknowledge Matthias for all the hard work he put into Creations during the year. He is sorely missed. Copies of all the “Creations” published in 2014 and the Feb 2015 have been for- warded to the State Library. When we received the membership forms for 2015 there were a few of comments from members complaining they never received “Creations”. I think there were two reasons for this: 1) They did not supply an email address and hard copies were not posted or 2) They were members who joined later in the year that somehow fell through the cracks. I feel that the new membership system that David and I have developed will help alleviate both these problems. Often the email addresses are very carelessly written and members are reminded to fill this section out neatly and carefully, to make it easier for the reader when re- applying for membership. Bronwyn Campbell

POTTERY FACILITATOR’S REPORT The Monday Pottery Group is alive and well. All the members have been looking forward to the beginning of this year and some even complained that we were start- ing in February instead of January Unfortunately one of our members managed to break a leg during the holidays and is still wheelchair bound. Luckily she is “mending” and should soon rejoin us. We really miss you Carolyn. We are well on our way planning and already creating some interesting ceramic pieces which hopefully end up at our annual exhibition. We also have regular visitors every Monday night who just drop in for a chat and sometimes a glass of wine. At the moment we are discussing our current kiln fees which we feel need some ad- justment to make firing more accessible to the members. As was mentioned in the last Creations, there are three potters only who should be approached regarding firings for important reasons outlined in Creations. We would also like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Selwyn Jones, a long, long time member of BMP, for his donation of clay and glaze ingredients. Thank you Selwyn. Finally, we would love new members with some, or very little experience with clay, to join our group. Helen Christof

LIBRARIAN’S REPORT (Extract) After a long hiatus, finally all the books are in order on the books shelves. There is a shelf of donated art books yet to be catalogued. Also, Richard has a set of newly donated books to be added to the li- brary. A lovely job for the new librarian. The pottery books previously had a different borrowing system, but have been converted to the same system as all the others. Potters are reminded that there is also good collection of pottery books in the pot- tery room. Borrowing from there is an honour system at the moment. The new borrowing system Two boxes have been labelled for borrowing. Box A holds all the cards for the library and Box B holds the borrowed book cards. Directions for use are written on top of each box. 1) Find the card for the book in Box A. Fill the card in with date, your name and phone no. 2) Place card in Box B in correct category and in numerical order There is a sample card in the borrower’s box. 3) When you return the book, find the card in Box B and write the return date. 4) Put the card back in Box A in correct category and numerical order. 5) Place book in numerical order on shelf. I would ask that people read the directions and fill out the cards cor- rectly. Poorly filled out cards have made it very difficult to follow up overdue books. Those who presently have overdue books will be contacted by the M.A ., our new Librarian, in the next few weeks. Take the time to have a browse. We have some lovely books in the in the collection. Enjoy! Bronwyn Campbell

LIFE DRAWING REPORT We have had a wonderful beginning with renewed enthusiasm and also lots of en- quiries from new interested people. Our attendances have been up and as you know this generates $5 from each drawer. This is a real plus for the Centre as I now have $345 for David which means 69 people have been drawing from life at the centre from the 6th Feb. to yesterday 20.3.15 - 7 wks. We have $574 in kitty and I’m now focusing to generate interest in maximizing this. We purchased five pieces of equipment last year and I believe it would be helpful for our group to have an additional exhibition. I’d like ideas from our members about our way forward. I would like to approach the magazine, The Lower mountains Gazette, and write about our drawing group in co-operation with Liz. If you have any ideas please let me know. Phone or text Joy Myers Creed Mobile: 0422088741 Ph: 0247392413 Joy Myers-Creed

PUBLICITY OFFICER’S REPORT A notice was placed in the classified section of Blue Mountains Gazette advertising our web page. The Lower Mountains Gazette ran a substantial article titled “The Local’s Inner Artist” on Friday 13th Feb 2015 describing all the activities of our Centre and contact details. The organizers of Blue Mountains City of Arts Web page were contacted about some advertising but there has been no response so far. BMCAC received no grants in 2014. Liz Bryden

TREASURER’S REPORT David reported that we broke a little under even after depreciation was taken into account in 2014. Last years drop in class numbers contributed to this. A commit- ment to build up class numbers and increase the number of workshops in 2015 should see us back on track. Early class numbers are very promising for 2015.