October, 2014

President’s Report:

I have booked Glenbrook Hall for my 70th Birthday Painting Exhibition on Sat. 29th and Sun. 30thNovember, to which I invite you all. Thinking back over 55 years of painting, I realize that the old saying that “we have our feet in the mud and our head in the clouds” is very true. As a painter I deal with coloured mud almost daily and push towards those scudding clouds that are often so elusive. But what of the experiences on the ladder of intuition joining the two, where we unfold the flag of freedom and meet our crosses and joys? On this ladder we experience our oneness, as we are common in species, and it is made up of rungs of good advice from masters of Art and practical common sense as it pushes to complete our personalities in the sphere we call beauty, that will last , if we honour it and be genuine.
So come and see and judge whether I join the mud and the clouds - and enjoy a glass of wine with
Richard Cutler

Life Drawing Facilitator’s Report:
Our Annual Exhibition was a very successful event. The opening night speeches were very heartfelt and original - everyone’s attention was captured. After the speeches our model Sean played his guitar beautifully. We sold 5 works which is really good for life drawing works as they don’t sell well: proving the point that we certainly don’t do it for the money.

There were many comments about the standard of everyone’s work being so very MCAC Newsletter – October 2014 Page 2 much improved. We are all growing and learning to express our unique talent in a more mature and individual way. Congratulations and thank you all those who participated. It was a wonderful show and all who saw it gave encouraging feedback.Please feel you can join us one Friday just to try your hand at “Life Drawing”. It is 3 hours
now and still only $15. Give me a phone call if you want any more information 0247392413.