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Draw like the Renaissance with Mark Divall

Draw like the Renaissance with Mark Divall

Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm  $120 plus model fee  8 week term


Mark Divall is an artist who enjoys the simplicity of pencil on paper and the unlimited potential of oil paint. He leans towards the drawing of the Renaissance and the painting of the Baroque. Mark studied at the Julian Ashton Art School where he won the William Dobell scholarship. He has taught drawing and painting there for the past three years.

He has exhibited in the Orange Regional gallery, The Mint and the Shepherd St. gallery.

Draw like the Renaissance

This course is an accessible introduction to classical drawing techniques, drawing on examples from Renaissance masters like Michelangelo and Albrecht Dürer.  You will draw from a live model and learn to analyse the human figure, simplifying complex anatomy into easily understood shapes.

Each week of this eight week course will bring something new to learn and practise and will  build to the final two sessions where you will create your own Renaissance masterpiece.

This course is suitable both for beginners and more experienced artists alike as the concepts and techniques are likely to be new to all. Beginners will be able to draw the figure after a short amount of time. Experience artists will gain valuable tools to further enhance their own art.

2015 Members Exhibition

Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre

**Pottery, Paintings, Craft**

Official Opening:

Friday 11th July

7pm to 9pm


Saturday 12th July

9am - 5pm &

Sunday 13th July

9am - 5pm


Cnr Great Western Hwy & Ross Street

(Side entry- Glenbrook Theatre)

BMAN Exhibition

BMAN is seeking entries from artists wishing to exhibit their work at the Grand View Three exhibition from 11th August  to 25th October.

This exhibition has a limited number of spaces available. The exhibition space allows 14 works to be displayed and we have to limit artists to a maximum of two entries each. However we encourage you to enter as the Grand View is quite busy at this time of year and the room is often booked for functions when most sales have occurred.


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