Drawing / Painting for beginners / intermediates Chris Vidal – Mondays at 10:30am

During this class you will start developing your drawing skills by producing a number of drawings from reference images and from studio observational studies (still life).

Step by step you will be shown how to improve your technique and composition which will then lead you to develop a painting. Students that develop their skills to a certain level will be encouraged to involve themselves into more complex drawing/paintings as a project and will be encouraged to participate in local exhibitions.

Your guidance to improve your drawing skills will be focused on: -improving your technique to draw more accurately-Observation and use of light and shadow in order to create three dimensional drawings

-Use of line and observations of basic shapes in your composition

When we proceed to the painting phase students can decide to use any medium they want. I encourage beginners to start with a medium that is easy for them and that they find themselves comfortable to use.

Guidance will be focused on:-The use of colour and colour mixing-The use of tonal value-Brush techniques (for students working with oils, acrylics or watercolor)-Developing a painting and the use of underpainting to create depth.