Wet Felting - Mondays at 6pm

In this class Cristina will take you through the basics of wet felting.  


Felting is an art in that ones fingers need to 'feel' the material and understand when the wool roving has bound together as felt and is considered felted.  This 'feeling in the fingers' comes with practice.  It is recommended that a participant does a repetition of the class during the week to reinforce the skills learned in the previous class.  There will be enough material in the material lists to satisfy this function and Cristina will have additional material at hand to be certain.  Items made during the week can be brought into the next class and discussions held about the success and failures within the pieces to recall and remind all participants of the previous weeks learned technique/s. 

The eight week class is designed for people starting off with no experience in felting and wanting to gain a working understanding of the many and varied techniques involved, such that by the end of the term they will by themselves be quite able to make jewelery, bracelets, multi coloured 'picture' pillow covers, three D items where there is a felted base/bottom layer and a second layer in 'relief'. Or 3D 'resist' such as lamp shades, hats or jewelery containers etc.  The techniques will also allow the making of vests and coats providing a person has existing sewing skills and understanding around said items and perhaps some sewing equipment.  That said, the felting techniques will all have been covered during the eight weeks.


week 1:Wet felting basic techniques - soap solution - Felted soaps and stones. Students bring three stones, smooth, and the size approx of a bar of soap

week 2: Wet felting basic techniques for felted jewellery - Felt balls, beads and felt bracelet

week 3: Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling and felting - How to make coasters

week 4: Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling , tossing. - How to make a basic piece of flat felt with design and embellishment

week 5:Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling and felting. - How to make flowers and leaves

week 6: Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling , rubbing and felting.- How to make a pot. Wet felted 3D using a flat resist.

week 7: Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling and felting. - How to make a Cushion 3D with a resist

week 8: Wet felting techniques : lay out, rolling, fulling , tossing and  embellishment. - Cobweb felting scarf

Students need to bring an old medium towel every class. There will also be added cost of materials, mimimum $20 for wool roving. 

We offer to purchase the re-usable items and supply the course materials for a fixed price per person.  The bottles and soap, plastic bubble wrap etc are for the participant to take home and use there for the 'homework', bring back for the next class and to keep and use after the class term.