Relief Tile Making - Friday 6:00 - 8:00 Pottery for adults

APRTF6 - Pottery for Adults – Relief Tiles. Project based. Make relief tiles. Katherine will take you through the processes. Bring own Earthenware clay. $140 plus $15 glaze and firing fee*NEW*
This 8 week term starts Friday 26th October. 
If you are taking this class but have not yet enrolled. Please enroll online or in person at the center Saturday 20th October. 
For week 1, please remember to bring; 
  • Earthenware clay (Keans from Artsup Kingswood)
  • Ceramic sculpting tools if you have them (there are a number of tools available to use though for the finer relief image making details you may wish to bring your own). 
  • Printmaking plates (optional).
  • Photocopy of an image. Make it to scale.
  • Concept (consider a small visual diary to note your ideas over the coming weeks as well as measurement's glaze information etc).
  • Imagination: Please be adaptable and let your concept develop with input from your classmates and myself when work-shopping your ideas.  
  • A can-do-attitude! 
I can't wait to meet those of you that I have not yet met and to assist you in creating your masterpieces.

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